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Miami Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Trade show booth customization has never been easier or more convenient! With trade show exhibit rentals by Xpo Displays, we make it easier than ever to get an attractive, effective trade show booth without breaking the bank

Custom Trade Show Exhibit

We understand that attending a trade show, convention, expo, or other event can represent a substantial financial investment for your organization. Beyond the actual cost of exhibiting, you have travel, lodging, food, entertainment, and payroll for your sales and support team, as well as managing and coordinating the logistics of attendance. And then there is the display itself. Without an effective display, all of your other time and effort is wasted.

You want to maximize your total return on investment for the Miami event. By renting a trade show exhibit instead of purchasing one, you are able to save money without compromising quality or impact. We create custom elements to be used within the rented display, allowing you to create an exhibit that is truly one of a kind. By selecting individual elements, modular components, or a completely preconfigured display, we can deliver the right booth to meet your needs and budget.

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An Economic, Impactful Choice

Bright Custom Trade Show Booth

Custom displays can cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. As big as you can dream and your budget will allow, we have the ability to fabricate it!

However, most companies aren’t working with an unlimited budget. We understand that you must get the most out of what you have to work with. We take your elements, branding, and sales messaging to create an impactful display that speaks to your audience. By utilizing rental event display elements, we are able to reduce costs, saving the bulk of your expense for branded elements that can even be reused later on, either at a different event or on-site at your physical location.

Utilizing a rental trade show booth means that you can get more for your money. You don’t have to purchase a hotel to utilize all the amenities; you simply rent a room for the night. The same theory applies here. By renting your display, you are able to get more for your money than if you were purchasing a display to use long-term.

Display rental is a great alternative for companies who are just starting out in the trade show circuit, those who only attend a few events a year, or those who require extreme customization for different types of events. Renting a trade show exhibit is a flexible and economical choice that allows you a wider variety of options at each individual event.

Providing Unlimited Options

Personalized Trade Show Booth RentalJust because you are renting a trade show booth doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own.

Our rental event displays are completely customizable to your brand and messaging, complete with your graphics, marketing elements, and key sales points. They can also often be reconfigured to suit your needs, or additional supporting elements and items can be added to complement your branding, assist your team, or improve the experience of attendees.

In addition to your booth rental, we also rent electronic elements like televisions, digital displays, and lighting, as well as furniture such as tables and chairs, bar areas, podiums, and even flooring and rugs.

When you work with us as your chosen Miami, FL trade show display partner, you can be confident that your booth design will maximize your space while minimizing cost, ensuring that we have all of the right elements without going overboard. Event messaging is all about intention and targeted messaging, and we know exactly how to get your point across in the most attractive and compelling way possible.

Quality & Results, Delivered On Time

Miami Trade Show Exhibit Rentals xlogo 300x130At Xpo Displays, we understand that getting the right display can be a challenge. We utilize our decades of expertise to design a winning display that will win the attention of event attendees and ultimately win you their Miami business.

We can help you choose between trade show display rental and exhibit purchasing and support you in making the right choices for your business, needs, timeframe, and budget.

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