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Trade Show Signage

Getting your brand known by new audiences is difficult, but having the right kind of signage can help you out. For trade shows, you don’t just need creative displays and exhibitions for people to try; you also need unique signages that will call people to your booth and inform them about your products and services.

Xpo Displays is known in the signage industry for providing high-quality signages for a variety of purposes. The signs we create can guarantee that brands will catch their audience’s interest and share the information that the companies want to release.

Since we started in the industry, Xpo Displays has assisted various businesses and brands in various industries through the signages that we created. From small signs to large trade show signs, we got you covered. Our team will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you get the right signs for your needs and deliver your goals easily.

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What Sign Works for Trade Shows and Corporate Events

Bright Custom Trade Show BoothIf you want to get the right attention during trade shows and events, you need the perfect sign for the job. We recommend using retractable banners since they present a more professional look for your content. They are held up by strong aluminum and can be adjusted to fit any type of space you set them up on. Meanwhile, the banner is made from high-quality polyester or vinyl to ensure that the quality is good and every detail of the sign is clear.

Wherever you go, getting trade show signages are ideal because you can use it anywhere you want. As a bonus, if you get your signs here at Xpo Displays, you even get a carrying bag to bring your signs around easily.

Portable Indoor Signage

Since trade shows often happen indoors, your signs must be able to stand out. With pull-up signs or retractable signs, you can reduce the space your signs take in your trade space, and you can store them easily. You also don’t have to worry about damage because the signs we make are made from durable material to preserve the colors of your design and make it eye-catching.

Xpo Displays will make sure that the signs you receive from us are consistent with your needs. We will also ensure that the message is easy to read. Our team of experienced graphic artists will also make sure your customers are treated to a unique experience when they see your sign.

Visual Aids

effective event displays that promote your sales processNot all people who visit trade shows are there to discover new brands, some of them are there to see what is new with your business. Setting up a pull-up sign that contains details about your company’s vision, mission and products will get people to see that you are prepared to present your brand and that you understand what you are providing to consumers.

Utilizing signs such as retractable signs will also help you present your products and services even if you do not have a computer presentation available. With the information you wanted to share listed down on the sign, you can speak to your clients easier because your focus is on your content.

After the trade show, Xpo Displays can do replacement banners and signs so you can use your base and stand without paying for a new one.

Full-Service Sign Company

Xpo Displays has been delivering high-quality signs and banners to its clientele for years now, and many agree that we listen to what the clients need. The company takes pride in knowing what clients need and keeping them informed regarding how the entire process works. The staff will even help you install and maintain the signs.

If you have a design that you want us to print, no problem! Our wide-format printers can print your designs and help you make them the perfect one that your business needs. If you don’t have a design in mind, we can design it for you and ensure that it is the design you want before we print it and install it in your trade show display.

Free Retractable Banners Consultation

Trade Show Signage xlogo 300x130If you are wondering what signages are perfect for your needs, let our team help you out. We are ready to help you figure out what signs are available and pick the right one based on your budget and requirements. If you want to know more, simply contact us, and we will help you out.

Call Xpo Displays today at (407) 519-9116 for a free consultation with our talented team of signage creators!